"Currently roaming the world, with my gorgeous greyhound - helping rescue dogs at the local animal shelters I volunteer at"  ? ? ? 

About Emma 

Hello, xin chao, Ola, Aloha, Bonjour, Zdravo, Ahoj, Caio, Hej, Kamusta!

About Me | Four Long Legs

So this is me, Emma! in Ho Chi Minh City, training with the rescue dogs at  ARC Vietnam shelter, getting them ready for home placements.

I have a gorgeous adopted greyhound named Tipps. A racetrack retiree who had a rocky road adjusting to domestic life. With some help from the rehoming centre and some behavioural experts we got there in the end and are now having the best time together.

At 30 something & after a 2 month road trip down the east coast of Australia, my boyfriend and I decided the world was a big & exciting place. It should be explored and we were going to do just that.

About Me Page | Four Long Legs

As soon as we arrived back to the UK we started putting in motion plans that would allow us to work & travel. One year later, I had left my IT job, cleared out my wardrobe & said goodbye to my family and friends to move to Vietnam where my boyfriend had landed his dream job. 

I have always wanted to work with dogs. I had an amazing time working with shelter dogs in Vietnam and this coupled with my own experience when adopting Tipps made me realise that the rehoming process can be difficult for both dog and the family they are going to. It was knew then I wanted to train dogs.

If I could ensure a dog stayed in a loving home and be a much cherished member of the family I could ask for a more rewarding career. I began training in Canine Psychology and Behaviour last 2017 and am enjoying the journey I am now on. 

We are now touring Europe and still enjoying life on the road. I volunteer at the local shelters in each city we stay in and have met some very special characters. Dogs truly make me happy and I hope that I can, in return, bring some happiness to them. 

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