Bella - Adopted from the Retired Greyhound Trust, Croftview

The rehoming story of Bella, the greyhound. I love hearing about successful dog adoption experiences and seeing another rescue dog get their "forever home'? Read Bella's happy ending. 

Bella_Adopted Greyhound | Four Long Legs

"We have had her over one year now & she will be 7 years on the 13th August 2017.

Bella settled into home life with us very quickly & knew her name early on! She mastered the stairs in a flash & her party trick is to run up & retrieve the furry pink slippers that she favours.....typical Girl?!!!!??

Bella loves her 'Baby' called Ollie & sleeps with her every night, along with her bunny cushion & 'Florence' her pink flamingo! She sleeps well & never fusses once in her duvet!!!!

She is an absolute delight to have at home with my Mum whom she adores. They both look after each other & Bella will nudge Mum awake when it's supper time if she has fallen asleep!

She is such a character!!!

Bella loves chasing her ball in the garden & will run at speed around in circles with a grin on her face !!! She is crazy & fits in well with us all by being so!!! ?

She loves her daily walks & has a routine that suits her.

Whilst the summer was hot☀ she enjoyed lying in front of the fan!!!!

It's a Dog's life for her now!???

Bella does not favour any breed of dog whilst she goes about her daily business but then who knows what her past haunted her with? We are just thankful that she favours human company & is enjoying life to the full at home!

She loves being groomed & having her teeth cleaned !

She will stand for ages being fussed kissed & cuddled & will lie down then catch your eye & the fuss routine begins all over again!!! ?

Hope you enjoyed her progress report! Will send her Birthday photos in due course.

A Big thank you to all at Croftview for letting Bella choose to live with us!

Kind Regards


On behalf of Mrs.Lennon.

I would love to hear about your dog adoption experiences. Did you have a good or bad experience? Is your adopted dog still with you? Do you have any tips to share with other that are going through dog adoption? Please contact me and Ill will share your story with my readers. Together we can ensure that all dog adoptions are successful. 

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