Bryn and Gigi - Adoption from the Rescue and Homing Centre for Greyhounds in Wales.

The rehoming story of Bryn and Gigi, the greyhounds. I love hearing about successful dog adoption experiences and seeing other rescue dogs get their "forever homes'. Read Bryn and Gigi's happy ending. 

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We have been sent by the nice people at Greyhound Rescue Wales to adopt a couple of retired ‘two leggers’ called Lindsay and Andy. They live in a quite nice kennel near Welshpool but really do need to be better looked after now that they have retired from working at the big race track in Birmingham.

Bryn went on ahead to do the kennel check and seemed to think it was going to be OK for us to set about ensuring they had a ‘forever home’ that was suited to them.

They certainly did need to get their focus right since they have stopped racing about. They were well out of condition and we had to ensure they got the right exercise each day – which they now seem to have got used to. They are starting to look much better and their weight has become nearer to ‘well conditioned’. Their eyes are brighter and their ‘coats’ look OK – but you wouldn’t want to put their pictures on Facebook!

Good to know.... 

Also they are not really good on their own when out and so we had to ensure that they were firmly attached to us by a lead. Without this they were likely to dash off in any direction sniffing the air and being over interested in the local wildlife – and there was always that old worry that they would revert to type and start chasing after things they no longer needed or were required to do. You just can’t let them off the lead so I think this will always have to be the rule when we take them out, except when we have them safely in the paddock next door.

Another area they don’t seem to be very good is in relaxing and especially sleeping. However much we lie on our backs, wave our legs in the air or show them the art of deep day time relaxation they seem to just carry on with their eyes open. Secretly, we have caught them ‘cat napping’ (boom boom!) in the afternoons some times when they are supposed to be watching the moving picture thing in the corner – they call it ‘day time television’.

They are definitely no good with cats but do seem to get on together very well for two leggers. They clearly don’t like smaller dogs too much so we keep them well away from them by taking them on the other side of the road or path, and whilst they keep pricking their ears up they aren’t too much trouble and we can always get them back on track with a hefty reminder via the lead.

Recently we introduced them to our ‘mate’ from Wrexham – he’s called Jensen and is a right lad – chasing around the garden and jumping all over the furniture.We were at first worried they might not get on with such a small boy, but now they have made friends with him, it is safe to leave them together.

Reassurance and love go a long way.... 

One of the main things we have been trying to do is remind them that it’s OK to have cuddles. Gigi is mainly in charge of this – always finding a good reason to ensure that they have cuddles (and give them back of course). One thing we needed to ensure they did was get us insured for accidents (which they did) because Bryn can be a bit of a liability, running into fences at high speed was his choice of how to make sure they felt that the insurance money was well spent – it was a bit painful for Bryn and he had to wear this really silly plastic thing round his neck for a few days – made him look like he had a ‘halo’ – not sure he’s a saint mind you!

They are really very untidy about the kennel. They leave things like toilet rolls, cleaning bottles, slippers, dusters, fluffy dusters etc about and we remind them they really should put these away by removing them and taking them out into the garden (our run as we see it). If the article is really soft then Bryn will add weight to the reminder by chewing it into oblivion. This is one of Bryn’s favourite activities and he is always on the lookout for a reminder chance.

Our two leggers have also been a bit recalcitrant in not ensuring that the side run (the one down to the stream) doesn’t have full security on it. They left a gap in the hedge which we go down to get into the kennel next door and run around. We now do come back when they call us but – hey ho – they really should have spotted that one!The extended run – they call it the paddock – is where we show our charges how to run around properly. Walking is OK but they don’t seem to understand the need for much higher speeds. We have singularly failed to get them to run about in the way we have shown them. We are still working on this one – but I don’t think we are ever likely to get them ‘up to speed’ as it were.

Well you can’t win them all and GRW will probably let us have this one failure.

Well we better get back to the grind and see if we can complete the mission GRW sent us here to do.

Speak soon

Bryn and Gigi

I would love to hear about your dog adoption experiences. Did you have a good or bad experience? Is your adopted dog still with you? Do you have any tips to share with other that are going through dog adoption? Please contact me and Ill will share your story with my readers. Together we can ensure that all dog adoptions are successful.

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