Is your dog an Introvert or Extrovert?

Is your dog an Introvert or an Extrovert? | Four Long Legs

Can a dog be an introvert or extrovert? An interesting question and one I firmly believe the answer to is Yes! Like with humans, dogs have their own personalities and characters. All are born with natural tendencies; although these alone do not make them introverted or extroverted from birth.

Dog’s brains responses are shaped by things they are exposed to in puppyhood, and it is a combination of their natural tendencies and their early life experiences that will determine how they interact socially.

Is obesity common in greyhounds?

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The health issues that arise from obesity, or being overweight, can have seriously harmful consequences for a dog. Like in humans, carrying excess weight places undue strain on virtually every organ in the body, and these extra demands can result in disease, mental and physical debilitation and some cases, death.

It is important that owners know the optimal weight for their dog and combines a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain it.

Are retired greyhounds safe around children?

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Despite their reputation as a formidable athlete, greyhounds are very sweet natured and undemanding dogs. Many of the organisations running greyhound adoption programmes have a job to educate the public on the suitability of greyhounds as pets, and especially their demeanour around children.

I hope in this blog I will be able to dispel any concerns a person may have towards adopting a retired racer when they have children in their home.