Dog Training 

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Free Online/Telephone Consultation

Ask me anything!

We can discuss a specific unwanted behaviour • Talk through any concerns you have with your dog • Are you thinking of adopting and want help making sure you get the right dog for our lifestyle?

Do you want to know if what your dog is doing is normal. Dogs do a lot of things that we humans may find odd or unsavoury and most of it is perfectly normal for a dog. 

I will listen and provide advice around the behaviour of your dog.

Dog Training Consultation | Service | Four Long Legs

Dog Training Consultation

60-90 minute Consultation 
10-30 minute Dog communications course
Comprehensive Training Programme

An initial consultation to gather all relevant information about your, observe you and your dog together, and observe your dog with others. Set expectations and time frames. Suggest and demonstrate training techniques. This meet and greet will be an assessment, followed up with a carefully planned about training programme.

Dog Training Session | Service | Four Long Legs

Dog Training Session

(60 minute)

Basic training, teaching a response to cues or commands for dogs of all ages. Working on correcting a particular unwanted behaviour. Helping dogs with fear, fear aggression and/or shy and withdrawn behaviours. Transitioning rehomed dogs from shelters to the domestic home. All techniques used are form of positive reinforcement and trust.

Book 5 sessions upfront to receive a group purchase discount
Book 10 sessions upfront to receive a group purchase discount & FREE 30mins walk/sitting. 

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