Three sighthounds running on a beach

Battle of the Breeds: Greyhound vs Whippet

Excluding the very obvious size difference, are Greyhounds and Whippets basically the same dog? Is the whippet simply a ‘mini-me’ version of the greyhound or can appearances be deceiving? Greyhounds are well-known for their incredible speed across land (only beaten … Read More

Are Retired Greyhounds Safe Around Children?

Greyhounds and Children Greyhound adoption organisations were established in the 1970’s out of concern for greyhounds once their racing careers were over. Supported by the greyhound industry, the Retired Greyhound Trust (commonly known as RGT) was founded in 1975 by … Read More

Greyhound Corns

Has your greyhound started walking with a limp but you cannot see anything obviously wrong? You don’t remember your greyhound twisting something when out playing or yelping out after bashing a leg? Does your greyhound tend to walk more comfortably … Read More

Do Greyhounds Need A Lot Of Exercise?

The 45mph Couch Potato Contrary to what many people may think, greyhounds do not need excessive amounts of exercise. Although they can reach speeds of up to 45mph, making them the Ferraris of the dog world, they are built for … Read More

Do Greyhounds Have a High Metabolism? | Four Long Legs

Do Greyhounds Have a High Metabolism?

What is Metabolism? Metabolism is the name given to the process in which the body, both in humans and canines, converts our intake of foods and fluids into energy.  This energy then allows the body to perform all the necessary … Read More