What Are Retired Racing Greyhounds Like As Pets?

Greyhounds make great pets. They are easy-going, placid dogs that thrive off of human affection and their docile nature and friendly temperament make ideal family pets, no matter the family set up.

Your average greyhound tends to move around calmly and patiently making them a perfect companion for the elderly and with a tolerant and mellow disposition, they are usually great playmates for children. They are more likely to take themselves away from a disruptive or annoying child rather than snap at them.


With regards to exercise, they are low maintenance and undemanding. It is understandable why the greyhound is often referred to as the 45mph couch potato with their ability to race across land, matched only by their ability to sleep away the day. They do not need hours of walking and are happy to fit around your schedule.

Greyhound Traits

Most greyhounds are politely reserved with other dogs and display a non-aggressive attitude. However, they do tend to be sensitive to touch and could become startled if touched unexpectedly.

If adopting an ex-racer it is worth keeping in mind their prey drive has been honed for years and they could be a serious chaser of cats and smaller dogs.

Greyhounds and Children

Greyhounds are good natured and big-hearted. They will, in most cases, be patient and easygoing around children but all dogs have their limits.

Greyhounds will more likely take themselves away from a teasing child than snap at it. However, all children should be taught to respect their family pets and not harass them.

Common Misconceptions

The greyhound can quite often have a hard time finding a new home, which is unfortunate as they make fantastic pets! I believe that this unnecessary caution is bred from common misconceptions, especially towards ex-racers.

Greyhounds are calm, undemanding dogs that play well with other dogs, children, the elderly and other family pets. It is true that some may need to be introduced careful and monitored but this is true of all dogs.

Retired greyhounds could need extra looking after during the transition period from career hound to domestic pet but with love and patience, they soon become a well adjusted and cherished member of the family

Worthy Companions

A greyhound’s nature is one of loyal obedience. They are intelligent and extremely eager to please. Although like all dogs, they are receptive to food, they crave the attention of their human family and enjoy nothing better than cuddles and couch time.

These dogs develop strong relationships with humans and adore being in their company. Anyone looking for a worthy title for “Man’s Best Friend” needs to look no further than that of the Greyhound.

Or in my case…Women’s Best Friend!

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