5 Reasons Why Retired Racing Greyhounds Make the Best Apartment Dogs

Living in an apartment need not be a barrier to enjoying the companionship and joy that only man’s best friend can bring. Owning a dog in a high-rise location does bring some unique challenges but here are five reasons why greyhounds make the best apartment dogs.

The Exercise Myth

Tell people you’re thinking about getting a greyhound and there’s a good chance you’ll be met with a warning about the amount of exercise they require – it’s a huge myth! Greyhounds are couch potatoes and most will be pretty content with a couple of short walks each day.

In fact, if you live somewhere prone to wet and cold weather, at times you may have a fight on your hands to get them out at all. Got an apartment with no easy garden access? Your greyhound won’t mind at all.

No Small Dog Syndrome

Naturally, when people think about dogs for small spaces they tend to gravitate towards small dogs. And some small dogs do make good apartment dogs.

But a lot of small breeds can also be pretty noisy; the types who bark at every sound outside, from the postman to the neighbours. Greyhounds are incredibly laid-back creatures.

When home alone they are more likely to be enjoying some down time than annoying the neighbours.

They Are Big Softies

One reason that you don’t need a lot of space to house a greyhound is that most of the time they will want to be exactly where you are. They are the big dog that wants to be lapdog.

Be prepared to give up a lot of sofa space and get used to spending your television time with a 30kg weight on your lap. Greyhounds are incredibly affectionate and can offer up a pretty handy right hook to anyone who dares to stop stroking them.

They Are Used To Being Crated

With space at a premium, there’s a good chance that your furry friend’s permanent base will be in the living room, bedroom or the kitchen. These are areas you may not want to leave your dog unattended for long periods when you go out.

When greyhounds are raced they are used to being in crates for very long periods of time. Therefore, when you need to pop out for a short period, your greyhound will feel completely at home in a crate.

In fact, you will likely find that they enjoy this safe space so much you will struggle to get them out even when you’re home!

They Have Short, Low-Maintenance Coats

Continuing on the theme of them spending the bulk of their time in areas you use day-to-day, you’d probably rather those rooms were not covered in dog hair. Greyhounds have short, sleek coats and don’t tend to shed a great deal or require much grooming.

In addition, the low level of oil in their skin means they don’t tend to smell particularly bad between baths. So there you have it; when evaluating which breeds make the best apartment dogs, a retired racer could be just the ticket.

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