My First Greyhound – Tipps’ Story

Meet Tipps, My Gorgeous Greyhound

Let me introduce you to Tipps, my gorgeous ex-racing greyhound. He was somewhat of a career hound, competing in many races and winning a fair few of those.

It’s now no wonder, now he has retired, he’s often found lounging around wherever there is a comfortable spot. You need to be quick to get a place on the sofa in my house. 

Tipps is a senior citizen now but nothing makes him happier than a good game of fetch. His chase drive is still very strong but thankfully his recall is also strong now.

His obsession with a tennis ball holds his attention enough that anything going on in the distance is of no interest to him….most of the time! My greyhound in full flight is a magnificent sight but not when I’m running after him screaming his name. Think FENTON!

Time, patience and training has meant Tipps can be off his lead. Although I still prefer to be in enclosed areas where possible, he has learnt to come back when called.

This was not something I thought possible when we adopted him. Many owners of retired greyhounds are not comfortable letting their dogs off lead as they are still extremely keen. It is unfortunately one of the results from their start in life.  

My Gentle Giant

Anyone familiar with a greyhound knows they are great big softies. Tipps is no different. He craves cuddle time and leans against me at every opportunity.

I think leaning is a greyhound version of a hug. However, he hides a grumpy side and when the strokes stops he is not shy in letting you know he is unimpressed.

First comes the almost inaudible huruff. If this is not responded to, it won’t be long until the tap tapping of a paw on my arm or leg starts.

Eventually a jab to the body with one of those powerful hind legs follows. It is in no way hard enough to cause pain, just a nudge to demand your full attention.

Tiny but somewhat endearing tantrums aside, he is my world. Those big brown eyes melt my heart when he looks at me.

Adopting Tipps was one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. Tipps, like a lot of greyhounds, is quite reserved most of the time.

His gentle, laid-back attitude suits me to the ground. He will often take himself away from a busy situation, preferring instead the secluded areas to doze or chill out.

If I’m honest, I envy him on some occasions. Needless to say, I think my gorgeous greyhound is perfect. I am sure any greyhound owners reading this feel the same about their own 45mph couch potato!



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2 thoughts on “My First Greyhound – Tipps’ Story”

  1. It is so nice to read your blog, Emma. My name is Ian and I have just adopted a greyhound and he is an absolute delight – really settling in, so far, amazingly quickly. I am just interested in the name of your greyhound. Mine was called “Tippo”, but I renamed him “Tim”, because he didn’t seem to respond to Tippo and I thought it would be nice to break away from his racing past. I did notice “Tipp” is in the name of many racing dogs, but have not been able to find out why. Do you possibly know?

    Anyway, thank you for your posts. It was especially helpful for me to discover why he has been so unwilling to sit!

    Kind wishes,
    Ian Parsons

    • Hi Ian,
      I am so pleased you enjoyed reading about Tipps. Greyhounds are just wonderful dogs, right?
      Tipps’ racing name was Tipp Are Back. I guess ‘tips’ can be used a lot when referring to betting tips for the racetrack and maybe that is why you see it so much.

      Yes, sitting can be difficult and somewhat harsh on the bony rears but it is possible. The key is to have a comfy base of them to park their behinds. Good Luck!

      Thank you


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