Frustrated With A Dog Behaviour Problem That You're Struggling To Overcome? I Can Help!

"With Emma's support we have learnt how to work successfully with our high-energy dog, make her calmer and prepare her to meet the baby. I really recommend this lovely young lady!"
Nora's Owner
Emma Bowdrey - ISCP-Qualified Dog Trainer

What You’ll Get During This 60-Minute Bespoke Doggy Consultation Call

Zero In On Your Specific Issue

We'll discuss why your dog may be behaving in certain ways and give you an action plan to begin implementing ASAP.

General Dog Control Guidance & Tips

We'll cover common issues such as separation anxiety, and dog-on-dog aggression. All with written resources for you to refer to.

Written Action Plan For You To Follow

All calls are followed up with clear, comprehensive steps for you to follow. Diagrams and infographics provided where helpful.

Why They Recommend Having a Doggy Consultation Call

"I would definitely recommend Emma to anyone who has any behaviour issues with their dog. Thank you for all your help and input Emma, we have really enjoyed working with you and you have made a huge difference to my relationship with Alik."
Alik's Owner
"Emma is great! I and my vizsla, Kira have started working with Emma last summer to correct some of her behaviours like the pulling. She is really competent and has a great passion, Kira loves her! After few sessions we were already seeing some results!"
Kira's Owner
"Emma has been simply amazing. In just two lessons she totally changed my dog. Before working with her my dog bit everyone and everything and never listened to me. Now instead he behaves perfectly and I am no longer stressed. It's great!"
Muffin's Owner

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Life With Your Dog!

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