Emma Bowdrey - Dip.Can.Prac

ISCP - The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour

The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd has been listed among the top 10 education providers by Modern Dog Group. The ISCP has a reputation for excellence, with students and graduates in over 50 countries whose work with dogs has enriched the lives of many people and their animal companions.

Certificate of Canine Behaviour | Issues from The ISCP
Intermediate Level Certificate of Canine Behaviour | Issues from The ISCP
Diploma in Canine Psychology & Behaviour | Issues from The ISCP

Experience & Training 

ARC Vietnam
Arc - Animal Rescue Centre is where I started volunteering, whilst studying with ISCP. The dog trainers and handlers at this shelter were able to teach me some amazingly effective behavioural training, that I continue to to use today. Rehabilitation is a long road for some dogs in shelters. Their distrust of humans is great but the people at Arc showed me how to take a soft and gentle approach to working with dogs. Gain their trust and you will gain the ability to work through unwanted behaviours.

I worked with dogs that had been on the streets from puppies, kept caged up for years and had machetes taken to them. Both the people and dogs here put me on the path to where I am now, and I carry cherished memories of my time with the ARC team which will never fade. Most importantly they taught me to first understand why a dog is behaving in a certain way, before trying to train them.

Nau - Before and After | Volunteering in Vietnam | Four Long Legs
Dana and Me in Vietnam | Experience and Training | Four Long Legs

ISCP Practical and Study Cases.
For the last six months of my Canine Psychology and behaviour course, I have the very fortunate opportunity to work with 5 dogs and their owners. Each dog had a different behavioural issue, which I was able to work with, alongside their owners. Bonding and basic commands with Alik and Sue, leash pulling with Kira, dog-on-dog aggression with Henry and Bau, and generally "out of control" behaviour with Nora. I still meet up with the dogs and owners today when I can and love to see my very first students enjoying life and, of course, the welcome is always nice. 

Working with these dogs was such a gift from their owners, and I am pleased to say that we saw great improvements in every dog. Having the ability to see training techniques in action, and how each dog responded to them hugely complemented the theory work. All dogs are different, and while there some generalised explanations to a dog behaviour I have learnt to treat each and every dog with fresh eyes. First it to understand the why, to then treat the reaction. 

Alik and I | Experience and Training | Four Long Legs
Kira | Vizsla | Experience and Training

Nora | German Pinscher | Experience and Training
Henry | Grey Merle Border Collie | Experience and Training
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