What are The Best Toys for Pitbulls?

Pitbulls are well known for their strong powerful jaws. It is their bite force that places them at the top of the strongest breed for their size.

So, finding toys that can stand up to the Pitbull’s mighty mouth is a hard task. However, some brands on the market are tougher than others and would be good options for Pitbull owners.

It is well worth knowing what kind of toy gets your dog excited. It took me almost 5 months to work with my ex-racing greyhound to figure out that cuddly toys tended to be his only source of enjoyment.

Now, Swift was an extreme example as he had not had experience with toys before at all. However, rather than spending a fortune on lots of toys you think your dog will like, get an option in each of the categories and work with your dog to see which he gets more enjoyment out of.

You may need to work with them to show them toys can be fun. Not all dogs have a built-in fondness for toys, especially if they are adopted from shelters or ex-working dogs.

You might have a dog that loves all toys; in that case, you are lucky. Dogs can get bored easily so unless you are playing with them or you find that special self-play toy, you might find they quickly walk away from something that has seemed so promising only 10 minutes ago and start pestering you again. 

Best Ball Toy for Pitbulls

If your dog is anything like my previous greyhound, Tipps, he loved to chase his ball. Nothing else could distract him from it. Which is great but you need one that can stand up to the chewing sessions in between the games of fetch.

I found that the ChuckIt balls are excellent for durability. They have a solid plastic core that my dogs and others did not find easy to chew through and they were lightweight enough to be able to throw some distance.

The distance thing was a biggy for me; having a greyhound means you need to be able to launch the ball faster and further than they can chase it. And they are rapid!

My second recommendation is the West Jaw ball. The upside to this pretty indestructible ball is the crunching down – something that the ChuckIt balls don’t really do.

Dogs that like to squeeze down with their jaws can do so with these balls and are unlikely to puncture them. They have the ‘chew factor’ of a normal tennis ball but should last much longer!

Tug of War Toys for Pitbulls

Most Pitbulls love a good game of tug of war. Why were they given those incredible jaws if not to have a good tug of war with their owners or fellow dogs?

Tug of war is a great game to play with any dog. It is not only a great source of exercise and enjoyment but it can be a great training aid for practising cues such as ‘release/drop’, ‘leave it’, ‘wait’ and ‘down’.

It is also great for teaching a dog to control his bite excitement. Dogs can get quite mouthy when their excitement levels rise.

It’s very normal behaviour for dogs and they will tell each other off if the biting becomes too harsh. However, us humans need to use other vocal cues, facial expressions and body language to convey they are getting too play-aggressive.

I have described before that dogs have an emotional scale somewhat similar to a toddler. You will often see young children get too excited and end up using force that can cause harm to another as adrenalin builds in their bodies.

It is not malicious but is a response to this surge of hormones and chemicals in their bodies. Parents know all too well that if they don’t step in, play can easily turn into a mini-drama.

A calm “play nicely” tends to be all that is needed to refocus attention, drop the adrenaline levels and teach children to control their emotions. It is the same with dogs. Especially dogs like Pitbulls that have such a strong bite force and can accidentally inflict an injury. 

Rope toys are great for a game of tug of war but you really want one with a solid weave and extra-thick fibres so it won’t separate easily and allow teeth to get caught in the weaving. For Pitbulls, you need a chunkier rope as the thin ones will not give them enough material to clamp down on or they could end up grinding on their own teeth.

I really like the Multipet Nuts for Knots ropes. They are made from good, strong quality rope fibres and seem to last well.

Of course, I couldn’t leave out the Goughnut Tug Toy. If your pooch and you prefer a rubber option, these are the toys for you.

They are super durable and to prove their manufacturer’s belief in their toys, Goughnuts offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Goughnuts regularly test their products on the heaviest of chewers. Breeds that include the pitbull, as well as German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermans. 

Self-Play Toys for Pitbulls

All dog owners need a few toys up their sleeve to bring out when our dogs are feeling energetic but we just need to get on with a few things about the house. We don’t want to let our dogs get bored and that is why self-play toys are a great purchase.

There is a huge selection of self-play toys around and it could take time to find out which one your dog will find amusing enough to play with on their own. A lot of the options can be quick to get their attention but become obsolete quickly too.

Games that hide treats in them might be easy work for a problem-solver. They could also prove to be too taxing for some dogs.

These dogs will simply give up if they are not getting rewarded at all for their efforts. Expect to spend a little time selecting the perfect self-play toys for your pet pooch. 

Personally, I find that the Kong Cones and Wobblers never fail to please. And they are marketed as ‘the indestructible toy’ so are ideal for aggressive chewers like Pitbulls.

Both of these toys combine durable, chewing material with food! Perfect, right? You can stuff the cones with all sorts of tasty treats to keep them licking and chewing for hours.

My greyhound personally enjoys peanut butter, mushed up banana and frozen yoghurts with fruit. The trick is to get the sticky yummy delights close to the top of the cone to maximise their time getting to them.

The wobblers are better for dried food. Place small treats into the wobblers and watch your dog push and roll it around to get the treats out. 

Another great self-play toy tends to be anything that squeaks. As your dog can make it squeak while chomping down on it, they are creating the noise and excitement themselves.

These do tend to be a little noisier so be warned. The PerSuper Durable Interactive Squeaker is a good option.

Not only is it hard-wearing, but it also has a unique design so that when your Pitbull throws it around it bounces and rolls unpredictably. This toy will get your dog both excited for the squeak and moving around to chase after it. 

Whenever you buy new toys for your Pitbull, always spend a little time researching the product and manufacturer. Pitbull owners have the added responsibility that their dog can chew through a lot, quickly so safety should be at the forefront.

If toys are swallowed this can cause a range of problems from upset stomachs, to toxins in the blood and fatal blockages. Take your time to select the right one and monitor your dog when you first let them loose on their new toy. 

If you have a chew-happy hound and can provide other options for indestructible, safe and fun toys, please leave a comment below. I always like to hear from my readers and am always on the lookout for more amusing toys.

Better still, send me pictures of your Pitbulls playing with their toys and I will post them. 

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