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I first met Katka Kralikova in IF Cafe, Prague. A fellow dog lover, who was helping rehome shelter dogs, it would have been impossible for us not to hit it off straight away and she has been a firm friend ever since. 

It was Katka that I travelled with to OZ HELP Dogs shelter in Slovakia in March 2019. Anything they needed doing; walking, cleaning, feeding, I was there to help the overworked staff as much as I could.

What I ended up seeing, when I was out on rounds with the dog warden, was truly heartbreaking. Dogs are living in horrific conditions in the gypsy slums, under-nourished, without the comfort of a safe and loving home and breeding quicker than they can be neutered.

On my return, I decided to raise money for the shelter and ran the Prague Half-Marathon, raising over €600 with the kindness and generosity of friends, family and strangers. 

Katka is the founder of – an amazing dog shop which uses animal friendly materials and donates up to 30% of the cost of each product to animal charities across Europe. From the beginning of the project, Katka and Funky Dog have donated an almighty €30,000 to a long list of well-deserving shelters.

You can even name your charity when you purchase from Funky Dog if there is an organisation special to your heart. 

How Did it all Begin?

When something starts from the heart and with joy, it’s a prelude to something being great!

Katka loves animals! She enjoys doing creative things and supporting good causes. Most importantly, Katka thinks that all dogs looks great with a bow tie! Stylish and super cute at the same time.

The idea of a dog with a bow tie began in 2011 when Katka noticed a dog on the street that had a red checkered bow tie sewn into the collar.

“I immediately imagined how it would look like on Kadl (my dog),” says Katka. So she started making them by hand for him. It did not take long before other people were asking her for bow ties for their dogs.

What had started off as a personal style statement for her pet dog had started to form an idea in Katka’s head. She was sure that by selling them she could help other animals in need and so Funky Dog was born. 

The face of the brand is Katka’s beloved Mr. Cuddles (“Kadlo”) – a wonderful dog with a strong personality. Kadlo is mix of Dachshund and Beagle – featured in the image above. 

Now there are a few other interesting and creative products available under the same brand of FUNKY DOG. Katka uses unique ecological and ethical materials such as called Piñatex, made from pineapple leaf fibre. Her dogs beds, collars and other useful dog accessories are stylish and well made. 

If you don’t believe me, check them out here – Funky Dog Collections. Not only will you be investing in awesome products for your precious pet, you will be helping animal shelters get some much needed funds.

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