The Cutest Chocolate Lab Names!

There are lots of extremely cute dogs breeds. The Lagotto Romagnolo, a Bichon Frise, and Cocker Spaniels are all contenders for the title of  ‘Cutest dog breed’ but seriously, can they beat the adorable Chocolate Labrador?

Adolescent chocolate labrador dog looking up to the sky

The chocolate labrador is probably one of the most universally adored family pets, and for good reason. Whilst they might not be as cool and collected at their golden and black cousins, they are most certainly more goofy, playful, and chubby!

It all starts when the majority of chocolate labs are born with stunning blue eyes… #toocuteforwords!

Two chocolate labrador puppies with blue eyes posing on white background

So if you have chosen to take home a chocolate labrador, I am sure you are thinking what name could be fitting for this cuddly, friendly, gorgeous dog. Well, I am here to help you out.

Below are chocolate lab names that I hope will inspire you!

Boy Chocolate Lab Names

When is comes to thinking up genius chocolate lab names for a boy, a lot of owners are opting for Bear! I can’t disagree that it is a suitable name for these brown, robust-bodied dogs but here are some more that are just as worthy! Dare, I say it…. They are better!


Origin: ‘Handsome’ in French, ideal for a chocolate lab


Origin: ‘Red-haired’ in Latin, perfect for those auburn-chocolate colours


Origin: Shortened from Augustus, who doesn’t love a Gus!


Origin: Scotland and Irish meaning ‘Son of’, he will be like your son


Origin: From Old English times, an excellent name for a chocolate labs


Origin: The bear character from children’s TV Rainbow. Cute and cuddly, just like a brown lab pup


Origin: Rupert the Bear. Of course, there should be a bear theme when thinking of a chocolate Lab name.


Origin: Meaning Sun God in many languages! A classic name for a chocolate lab boy.


Origin: ‘Worthy’ in German. I just love this name for male brown labs.


Origin: The loveable bear character from the Jungle Book. This name clearly had to make the cut.


Origin: Meaning ‘to Roar’ in German. A great name for both Boxers and Chocolate Lab boys.

Gorgeous male adult chocolate labrador sitting on green grass

Girl Chocolate Lab Names

You may have already seen that Coco is extremely popular when it comes to names for chocolate girls. And what is not to love?! It’s a very cute, soft and femanine name for our super cute, soft and cuddly cocoa coloured pups.

However, if you are looking for something different, here is some inspiration!


Origin: “Pretty’ or ‘attractive’ in Scottish. A perfect female chocolate lab name


Origin: A sweet biscuit treat. Forget Coco and opt for Cookie!


Origin: Another sweet treat. Just as cute as Coco and Cookie but far less common.


Origin: Chocolate flavoured coffee. An ideal name for a chocolate labrador girly


Origin: The name of the tree or colour. This couldn’t be more fitting for a brown cuddly lab.


Origin: Meaning ‘burned wine’ in Scottish. I just love this name for a female chocolate labrador.


Origin: Female name originating in England.  A chic and sassy name for a chic and sassy dog

Bella / Belle

Origin: ‘Beautiful’ in Latin. An awesome option for these gorgeous girls


Origin: Meaning ‘Head of the Household’ in Old English times. A fine name for any female dog.


Origin: Meaning ‘bright dawn” in Latin. It is ideal for auburn-chocolate female labradors


Origin: A rank of nobility. A strong royal name


Origin: A song tune or ditty. An adorable option for the soulful labrador ladies.


Origin: Dora the Explorer character from children’s TV. Perfect for a chocolate lab who loves to explore

Female chocolate labrador sitting on the grass and looking up, smiling.

Unisex Names

Not sure if you will get a boy or girl and want to start thinking about names now. That’s not a problem. There are heaps of unisex dog names that can be perfect for both boys and girls. 

Here are some of my favourites. 


Origin: Old English word for a type of cooking. this is the cutest name for a chocolate labrador


Origin: An Irish Cream Liquor that is one of life’s little pleasures. Describes your chocolate Lab, right?  


Origin: A type of nut (and the Peanut gang from Snoopy). I just love this name for all dogs!


Origin: Half of the brand name Harley Davidson. Can be used as unisex chocolate lab name.


Origin: A style of music. This name suits both boys and girls and is a super cool dog name.


Origin: Fred’s daughter from The Flintstones. Although a girls name in the show, it works for boys too.


Origin: A favourite chocolate confectionary treat. No matter the shade of lab, this works for all tones. 


Origin: Meaning ‘First Explorer’ in a number of languages. A great option for adventurous brown labradors.

Cute adult chocolate labrador looking into the camera with beautiful brown eyes

Inspiration, Feedback and Comments.

I hope that these names have given you some inspiration. I love to hear from you. Let me know if you choose any of these names for your chocolate labrador. And, as always, photos of your perfect pooches are very much welcome. 

Do you already have a chocolate labrador? What did you call him or her? Maybe you can give some inspiration to my readers. 

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