Sunie & Kane - Adopted from the Retired Greyhound Trust, Croftview

The rehoming story of Sunie & Kane, the greyhounds. I love hearing about successful dog adoption experiences and seeing another rescue dog get their "forever home'?

Read Sunie & Kane's happy ending.....

Sunie&Kane_Adopted Greyhounds | Four Long Legs

Sending some news about Sunie and Kane, who have been with us in Aalesund, Norway, for almost five years.

Kane, who recently had his 11th birthday today, 15th April, is in very good health for his age. He is running in the garden like a youngster. He did for some time suffer from corns, and could not get rid of them until he was treated with laser therapy (LLLT). This treatment made the corns disappear, and they have not returned.

Sunnie has just turned eight years, and she is the real diva as always. She is always ready for her walks in the near by sites together with Kane. She has never had any kind of problems with her health. Sunnie has her everyday madness moments, running and playing in the garden.

We are happy to have the two dogs to look after, and are excited to see their development still is very positive, and we are looking forward to many more happy years to come.

Best regards from

Sunnie and Kane,

Britt and Torgeir.

I would love to hear about your dog adoption experiences. Did you have a good or bad experience? Is your adopted dog still with you? Do you have any tips to share with other that are going through dog adoption? Please contact me and Ill will share your story with my readers. Together we can ensure that all dog adoptions are successful. 

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