Travelling with a Dog 

I am the owner of a gorgeous greyhound named Tipps. I am also a keen traveller. Since these two things are the great loves in my life, making them work harmoniously together is important. I am happy to say that since I started travelling with a dog, I am yet to regret the decision.

My success so far has, in part, been due to the number of invaluable blogs and websites I have come across about travelling with dogs. In fact, I was already finding them a huge help before we even set off.

These blogs provided me with practical information on what is required, such as pet passports, vaccinations and equipment when travelling with a pet. But not only that, knowing what to expect made me far more relaxed. There is something about going into the unknown that as a solo traveller I revel in, but with my dog I find it quite unnerving.  

Additionally, and this is probably the most valuable, they reassured me that travelling with a dog is possible. And, with a little planning, it has been relatively stress free for both myself and my travel companion. 

For sure, travelling with a dog is not as easy as travelling without one. Complications will crop up from time to time (I'll tell you about the wallpaper incident at a later date!) However, armed with a little knowledge it can be straightforward and an enjoyable experience. 

Since I found so much help online, I decided to start blogging about my experiences of travelling with my dog. Hopefully, something in here will be of use and will inspire you to hit the road with your pet pooch. 

My greyhound Tipps with his passport | Tipps Travel Blog | Four Long Legs

Let me begin with my favourite dog-friendly travel sites... 

My Go-To Pet Travel Bible  - www.pettravel.com  

This site is basically my online pet travel guru. It provides accurate and up to date information on pet travel and immigration for almost every country in the world. 

For Dog-Friendly Holiday Accommodation - www.homeaway.co.uk 

Homeaway.co.uk is a favourite site of mine for searching pet friendly accommodation. I especially like the Inspire Me section which has a Pamper Your Pet list. https://www.homeaway.co.uk/info/holiday-ideas/inspire-me/pamper-your-pet-in-style-in-a-stunning-european-holiday-rental

A Travellers Life through a Dog's Eyes  - www.wagthedoguk.com 

Follow ten year old Maggie, the beagle, who has been travelling with her owner since a pup. Written from the eyes of a dog, this blog is not only an enjoyable read but provide useful information about travelling with a dog. 

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